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As part of its activities, GAIA EPICHEIREIN organizes on an annual basis the Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture, which has become a reference point in the Greek agri-food sector.

Each year, more than 500 representatives from the farming community, the academic & research community, from regional, national and EU authorities as well as major stakeholders across the agri-food chain in Greece and the EU, gather together in order to share their vision on Greek and EU agriculture and exchange views on trends and policies affecting the development of Greek agriculture.

This year, on November 09 and 10 GAIA EPICHEIREIN is organizing the 4th edition of the Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture entitled “Agricultural Innovation & Knowledge: unlocking the potential of rural areas”.

The Congress will take place in Thessaloniki, the capital of the Region of Central Macedonia, one of the most significant in Greece in terms of agricultural production and a major commercial & trade center in the broader Balkan region gathering a significant mass of regionally based public and higher education, research and technology organizations.

The objective of this year’s Congress that will be co-financed by the European Commission/DG Agriculture in the framework of the 2CAP (CAPitalizing the CAP) project, is to put high on the national agenda agricultural innovation & knowledge as a catalyst for growth and jobs as well as for successfully embracing the food security, public health, environmental & climate objectives of the current and future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

On the 1st day of the Congress, the participants will have the opportunity to attend four workshops animated by distinguished speakers from Greece & the EU, who will contribute with their experience and knowledge in discussing topics related to Smart Farming, Digitization of the food supply chain and Smart Specialization strategies in EU regions. The prospects of business partnerships to enhance agri-food trade in the broader Balkan region will be explored during a targeted B2B workshop.

The 2nd day of the Congress will be structured around three panel discussions. The challenge of producing more with less and the role of smart farming in the context of the future CAP will be the main theme of the 1st Congress Panel.  The 2nd Panel will discuss the role of innovation in enhancing the entrepreneurship and competitiveness of agricultural cooperatives. The Congress will conclude with a 3rd Panel focusing on trends and challenges in EU Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) and in particular on how research, education and agricultural advice can make a more effective contribution to boosting entrepreneurship and competitiveness  in the EU & the Greek agri-food sector.
Invited speakers include:
  • Nikos Pappas, Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media
  • Stergios Pitsiorlas, Deputy Minister of Economy and Development
  • Margaritis Schinas, Chief Spokesperson of the European Commission (video message)
  • Tassos Haniotis, Director for strategy, simplification and policy analysis, DG Agriculture, European Commission
  • Thomas Magnusson, President of COGECA
  • Yves Madre, Co-founder of Farm Europe
  • Rolf Klaus Herbert, Head of Marketing & Sales at 365FarmNet
  • Pierluigi Meriggi, President of Horta srl
  • Carole Rocca, Project manager of Fermes L.E.A.D.E.R within the IN VIVO Group


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